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Childrens Book: Catch a Kiss by Deborah Diesen and Kris Aro McLead

SKU: CatchKissSBP

Izzie just loves when her mama blows her kisses to catch. Smooch kisses, zig-zag kisses, and even triple decker kisses! But even though she runs and leaps for it, Izzie misses a kiss! Her heart sinks as she watches it zip higher and higher into the sky. When Mama lets Izzie in on a sweet secret she realizes that her mama's love will always come to find her, no matter what! This silly and tender story is a universal one of a parent's love.

  • Interest Level - Kindergarten - Grade 2
  • Reading level - Grade 1
  • 32 pages
  • 10 inches by 10 inches hardcover