Coin Hole Game Boards - Beach themed

Coin Hole Game Boards - Beach themed

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This is a two board beach themed set.  Each piece measures 7" long x 3.5" wide x 2" tall.  Send us a message with your favorite team's colors and team name and we will make a custom set for you. 

This is the table top version of those big outdoor cornhole games.  

The rules are the same as they are for those big corn hole games.  

How to Play Quarter Toss:

*Coin toss for start.

*Each Player gets 3 quarters per round.

*Bounce a quarter once (flat and forward) aiming it toward the hole.

*Earn 1 point if it lands and stays on the board.

*Earn 3 points if it goes into the hole.

*At the end of every round, cancellation rules apply.  (Ex. Player 1 - 3 points in hole and player 2 - 2 on the board; player 1 gets 1 point for the round.)

*First person to 21 wins! Winner must win by 2 points. Must complete a full round.  

Quarters not included.