Gardner's Garlic Summer Sausage 16 oz - Gift idea - Tasty treats

Chartreause Summer Sausage from Garner's Wisconsin Treasures SALE
Gardner's Garlic Summer Sausage for Meat and Cheese Trays SALE
Gardner's Wisconsin Treasurers Garlic Summer Sausage 16 oz SALE

Wisconsin Treasures

$6.99 $12.99

Summer sausage and crackers! Yummy!! What a great treat idea for yourself or grab some beef sticks and make a great gift basket idea for your friends!

With subtle undertones of garlic and a blend of flavorful herbs and spices mingle together to make our Garlic Summer Sausage an ideal pairing for any cheese or cracker. 

Comes in a 1 lb roll and does not require refrigeration.