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Gourmet Licorice Cherry πŸ’ Β 1/2 Pound Bag- Thick Cut

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We all remember the thick cut licorice from our childhood. Many of our customers were asking us to offer licorice. Each bag is 1/2 pound of fresh licorice that is sealed in individual bags. Each bag has a peg hole so can be merchandised either hanging or also can be placed in baskets. We offer a variety of flavors to include Strawberry πŸ“, Red Raspberry, Green Apple 🍏, Cinnamon, Cherry πŸ’, Watermelon πŸ‰, Licorice, & Blue Raspberry. If looking to offer that non-chocolate item to your customers everyone loves Licorice. Every bite is bursting with flavor and enough to share with your friends or family. Each licorice has the nostalgic ridges. We keep minimums low so you can keep your products fresh for your customers. Each case contains 4 bags so can mix & match flavors. Will receive retail ready package that us ready for resale with ingredient statement on each bag.