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O’Oreo “Farm Animal Faces” 🐔 🐮  🐷 w/ Milk Chocolate 3PK

The classic Oreo is dipped in our O’Shea’s pure milk chocolate. We decorate each Oreo with a fun colorful Farm Animal Head. We call these our Farm Animal Head O’Oreo’s🐷 🐮 🐔 . Each are edible decorations that have been decorated and will receive full variety including pigs, cows, and chickens. Help bring your displays to life with a little color & fun 🤩 theme. You will receive a three pack containing two themed O’Oreos. Each case is packed (4) 3 Packs. These are fun colorful items that can be sold in a small footprint in your store. Each three pack has two themed O’Oreo’s & a plain Oreo in middle to help offset. Great for families, kids, & gift toppers. These are all edible & ready for resale. These are prepacked & ready for resale.