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7 Things to Stay Connected to Your Girlfriends During a Pandemic

7 Things to Stay Connected to Your Girlfriends During a Pandemic

2020 has been a year filled with challenges to say the least. One thing that has been extremely difficult is maintaining our relationship with our girl friends. Let's face it ladies, our gal pals are as important if not more important than our extended family.

My husband does not have many friends, neither do two of my sons. I'm not sure if that is a guy thing or just the men in my house. I'll have to dwell on that at a later time. But for most of us ladies, well for me for sure, I depend and need my girl friends. I can't possible tell my husband every little thing that goes through my head. For one, he would probably freak out and two, he has the attention span of a gnat. No offense to the gnat, as I really don't know how long their attention span is but it has always been a saying in these parts.

Three of my very best friends, who have been with me through so many things, live 350 miles from me. Luckily, social media keeps us in touch throughout the year. Of course, we have the occasional video chats and phone calls too. But one of our longest standing traditions is our girls getaway weekend. Once a year, we getaway from family, work, and our everyday stresses, and embark on an adventure. I wish that we could get together monthly but distance does not make that possible. This year would be our 15th year of get aways.

Girl Friends Get Away to Minnesota

Most of our girls weekends are within a few hours our homes, usually a central location for all of us. We have stayed at lake resorts, visited Medora and the black hills, attended concerts, shopped and bar hopped. Once we flew to California to visit one of the girl's sons that live out there. It was a quick trip but it was so much fun.

So this got me to thinking, what are we going to do in 2021? Last year we did manage a really quick trip to the Peace gardens in ND. Where do we go this year? What restrictions will be in place? Will those that want the vaccine get theirs in time for the trip?

Normally, by this time of year we would start the planning process, however, this year we are holding off to see what the travel restrictions will be. It's been extremely frustrating to plan and book plans only to cancel them due to travel bans/restrictions from state to state travel, business quarantine practices, etc.

So, what are some things we can do with or without restrictions?

1) Host a coffee chat through Facebook messenger, zoom or a conference call.

2) Have a virtual paint party. Find a local crafter or online crafter that sells kits and ship them out to your girlfriends. Schedule a day and don't forget the wine!

3) Draw for a secret girl friend and exchange gifts every month, special occasion, or what ever criteria you establish and plan to reveal at Christmas or when you can get together in person.

4) How about a movie night? Where someone picks a movie and each watch it and then chat with each other during or after the movie?

5) Do a challenge. Could be a crafting challenge, like painting or quilting. Could be creating a scrapbook page. It could also be challenging them to do something that they have been putting off - like cleaning out the ex's closet.

6) Send them a meaningful gift or picture to remind them of past good times together. I received a beautiful ornament from my friend, Kim and a memory book from my friend, Judy. I will treasure both forever. One year, I received a beautiful coffee cup from Kim too. Every time I use that cup, I think of her!

7) Create a Facebook group for just those girlfriends so they can post, share photos, videos of events in their life. Or to host discussions to plan the next girlfriend trip!

I really do hope that I am able to get together with these beautiful ladies this year but if we can't, I know we will get together in other ways. Make your girl friends a priority, just like your family, because you never know when you are going to need them.


p.s. I'm not a professional blog writer. I am in the hand crafted home decor and gift retail market. I make signs, cups, t-shirts, towels and so much more. I can design that sentimental gift for you, your loved ones (including girl friends - my favorite!). So if you need something send me an email and let's talk Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to visit our store and check out all of the fun gifts we have at

Girl friend get away to Ernies

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