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Frannie's Friends Create a Cuddly Club

Frannie's Friends Create a Cuddly Club © Members

Frannie's Friends is an interactive event for all ages. Come and create your very own cuddly bear, bunny or other stuffed animal at our Chivilla Bay location in the Uptown Aberdeen Mall (the old Lakewood Mall) in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Pre-order your cuddly friend before you arrive and jump to the front of the line when you arrive that day. 

This is how it works: 

  • Step 1: Find your Cuddly Friend - Find the perfect cuddly companion that is just right for you! There are several to choose from, but you will know when you've found the perfect one!
  • Step 2: Stuff your Cuddly Friend - ask one of our amazing stuffing experts for assistance and they will guide you through the process. 
  • Step 3: Make sure your Cuddly Friend has a Heart - place the fabric heart inside of your cuddly friend to make him or her perfectly lovable!
  • Step 4: Close up your cuddly and hug them to make that it feels just right. 
  • Step 5: Fill out the Birth Certificate and Adoption paper for your new best friend. You'll need a name and once you have decided on that name, Frannie's co-workers will help you fill it out.
  • Step 6: Brush and Fluff Your Cuddly Friend - after all that fuss your new friend is sure to need a good brushing. Remember to get in all those hard to reach places like under the arms and behind the ears!
  • Step 7: Does your new friend need a travel bag or box? What about a fun new tshirt, or outfit? 
  • Step 8: You have now become an official member of Frannie's Friends Create a Cuddly Club - CONGRATULATIONS!

Welcome to Frannie's Club!

Frannie, the flamingo

Not able to make it to our location, purchase everything you need below and we will send you your new cuddly Frannie's Friend with your own adoption papers.  Make sure to purchase any additional options that you want your friend to have including adding scents, sounds, and stuffed animal clothes.  If you need help with this, please message us. 

Frannie's Friends Create a Cuddly Club

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Frannie's Friends Create a Cuddly Club © Members

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