Chivilla Bay Cares

At Chivilla Bay, our commitment reaches beyond providing exceptional products. We believe in giving back to our community, especially in supporting causes that resonate deeply with us—particularly those that benefit children.

Our Approach to Giving:

We place our primary emphasis on children's charities due to our deep emotional connection to this cause. Our goal is to maintain a thoughtful balance, directing ongoing support towards causes that resonate with our core values, all while respectfully managing the multitude of requests that come our way.

Your understanding and support are instrumental in empowering us to create a significant and lasting impact in the lives of those who are most in need.

Personal Charities: The Ronald McDonald House & Children's Miracle Network

Our primary commitment revolves around supporting two cherished charities: The Ronald McDonald House and the Children's Miracle Network. These organizations hold a profound significance for us, particularly after experiencing the loss of our grandson, Elliot.

Our involvement with the Ronald McDonald House began during a critical period when our grandchildren were born. Spending 21 days in the NICU, their parents found comfort and support through the Ronald McDonald House's accommodations. Witnessing firsthand the generosity that allowed them to care for the family during this challenging time deeply moved us. We are driven to contribute and support these amazing services so they remain available to other families facing similar circumstances.

Additionally, the Children's Miracle Network played an important role by providing the family with essential needs such as gas and groceries while our family was in the hospital. Experiencing such heartfelt support and comfort was truly remarkable. We are committed to helping continue their efforts to aid families in times of need, making sure that this assistance continues to be extended to others facing similar challenges.

Recent Projects:

Heartfelt Hugs for Salvation Army Angel Tree Project

We recently organized the Heartfelt Hugs event, dedicated to raising funds for the Salvation Army Angel Tree project. This event brought families together and invited them to take part in creating their own cuddly friends, themed for the event! Through this initiative, we aimed to bring warmth and joy to the lives of children during the holiday season.

Any leftover bears from the event are being donated to local hospitals for children who are in their care over the holiday season.

Supporting SPURS - Therapeutic Riding Program

We've extended our support to Spurs, a program dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with special needs through therapeutic riding by donating a custom tote bag to their auction. Our collaboration aimed to contribute to their cause. We hope to continue supporting SPURS in the future.

Contributions to Local Fire Departments

We have worked with the Leola Fire Department creating custom tumblers for a fundraiser for them. We have also donated to the other local fire departments for their auction and fundraising events with Corn Hole Boards, Tumblers, and gift baskets! We love to support those who care for our community.


This was our first year working with Shriners for their FEZtival of Trees. We donated a kid’s toy and a gift card to show our support. We hope to continue to offer our support in the future!