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Auction to benefit Spurs Theraputic Riding Center

Auction to benefit Spurs Theraputic Riding Center

Over on our Facebook page, we are holding an auction on this cute, one of a kind, handmade western bonnie bucket bag.

Spurs Theraputic Riding Center Donation Purse for Auction

I made this purse and I absolutely love it. It is made from 100% cotton fabric and vinyl. It features a zipper side pocket. A zip top opening (so nothing falls out of your bag), a shoulder strap and inside pockets on both sides of the purse. It has room for your iPad and all the other stuff us women tote around!

100% of the proceeds are going to be donated to the Spurs Therapeutic Riding Center in Aberdeen, SD. Check out this wonderful organization at Spurs was founded in 1992 by Pat Bishop and it is one of the oldest therapeutic riding centers in South Dakota. Spurs relies on volunteers and donations to run its program.

I love what this organization does and what they stand for. Talk about #makingadifference! Thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters of this worthwhile organization.

They are having a ton of other items auctioned off on their Facebook page, so stop over, like their page and take a look! #makeadifference


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