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Choosing the Best Tumblers, and Mugs To Travel With

Choosing the Best Tumblers, and Mugs To Travel With

Always Staying hydrated is one of the healthiest habits ever practiced. We all need something durable enough to keep us hydrated, or caffeinated, always. We typically rely on good travel mugs and tumblers to do that for us. There are several brands and models of travel mugs and tumblers including funny drink tumblers and pilsner beer tumblers  out there with different functionalities, how would you pick the best without getting confused? 

Difference between a travel mug and tumbler
We’ll tell you.First, we must understand the difference between a travel mug and tumbler. A travel mug is an insulated drinks container designed to be used on the go. The only difference between that and the travel tumblers is that tumblers are traditionally used for cold drinks like lemonade, iced teas, smoothies, and summer cocktails; but nowadays, tumblers and mugs have the same double stainless-steel walls and the insulation effect that comes with that so they can be used interchangeably. 

The primary functions of a travel mug or tumbler are heavily reliant on its size. Normally, mugs are sized between 8 ounces and 64 ounces. Also, the larger you go, the more you can expect to fit in your mug. For instance, the 12 oz mug can contain a can of soda, while the 64 oz mug would hold almost as much as a 2-liters of tea or coffee. Therefore, it is important to consider your appetite before choosing the size to buy so you don’t go thirsty throughout the day! You should look for a coffee mug that is big enough for you.

Material used to design the mug
Next up, you must consider the materials used to design the mug because the weight and some other important properties of the mug depends on this. Travel mugs are usually made from aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic. Metals are good for insulation, meaning they maintain temperature for both cold and warm drinks, also stainless steel and aluminum do not get rusted. Plastics would have made good choices, except for their ability to retain odor and taste, they also cannot resist chemical attack from at high temperature. 

Type of lid 
Importantly, you must consider the type of lid, the physical appearance and the insulation ability possessed by the mugs or tumblers before buying them. The lids should be attached using leak proof suctioning or screwing onto the containers. They should also have easy-to-use access to your drinks without having to open the entire circumferential cover. While the insulation ability depends on the materials the mugs or tumbler were built with and should be considered during selection. 

Armed with all this knowledge of hot to pick the right tumblers and pilsner mug, you might be wondering where to find the best that will suit your preferences, we got you covered on that. Our company, Chivilla Bay, specializes in providing the best travel mugs and tumblers at affordable prices. We have an online store accessible on our official website where you can find all available sizes and types of lids on travel mugs made using premium quality materials. We also offer nice and affordable handcrafted home decor and gifts.
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