Frannie and Friends' Costume Contest Extravaganza

Frannie and Friends' Costume Contest Extravaganza

Costume Contest

Date: October 14, 2023

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Join The Party!

Trick or Treat! Come in with your costume, and your Frannie and Friend's dressed up, too! Or just dress up your Friend. Get some goodies while you celebrate Halloween with us.

Costume contest for Frannie and Friends characters, but we would love to see the human friends dressed up as well! 

Prize is a customized kids flip to tumbler -- better get to work!

Here's an opportunity to get creative! Make or purchase a costume for your Frannie and Friends buddy. Your Frannie and Friends costume does not have to be purchased with us, but you DO need to have a Frannie and Friends stuffy. Other stuffed animals are not allowed to enter.

Hmmm… Costume Ideas to Match Your New Friend!

Halloween is just around the corner, and kids are buzzing with excitement about choosing the perfect costume. But what if there was a way to make this year's costume contest even more memorable and fun? Match with the Frannie and Friends crew! Here, we have a list of imaginative costume ideas that not only give kids a chance to shine but also allow their stuffed Friends to join in the costume contest festivities. So, get ready, because we're about to embark on a creative journey together!

Gooo TEAM!: Cheerleading Squad

royal and white cheerleader costume

Imagine hitting the costume contest stage with your Friend dressed as a miniature cheerleader! Find or make a matching cheerleading outfit for your stuffed buddy, complete with a tiny pom-pom. Together, you can cheer your hearts out, and the judges won't be able to resist your enthusiasm.

Sleepover!: Bed Head Buddies

pink satin pajamas

For a costume that's both comfy and hilarious, go for a "bed head" theme. Dress up in cozy pajamas and a robe, and don't forget the oversized slippers. Your Friend can get in on the action with pajamas of their own! It's a costume that screams, "We're ready for a cozy night in!"

Superheroes: The Dynamic Duo

night hero costume

Why not team up with your stuffed animal and become a dynamic superhero duo? Find your favorite hero and pick one for your Friend, too! Go ahead and save the day with you best Friend, and look super cute while doing it!

Ready, Break!: Teammates

football player costume

Show off your sporty side by coordinating jerseys with your Friend. Whether you're dressing up as a baseball player, a basketball star, or a tennis pro, make sure your plush buddy gets a matching jersey or sports gear. Together, you'll score big points with the judges.

Meow, Ruff, Moo: Animal Twins

bumblebee costume

Transform into an animal-themed pair with your Friend by your side. You could dress up as a zookeeper while your plush friend takes on the role of a favorite animal, like a lion or a tiger. Or be animal besties and match your new Friend’s costume! Coordinate your outfits and accessories to create a striking resemblance.

Long Live The Kids: Royal Rulers

princess costume

Bring a touch of regal elegance to the costume contest by becoming a royal pair. Dress up as a prince, princess, king, or queen, and ensure your stuffed animal companion is equally regal with a matching crown and outfit. You'll command attention and captivate the judges with your royal charm.

See You Soon!

These costume ideas are not only a fantastic way to dazzle the judges at a costume contest but also a unique opportunity for children to bond with their new Friend. Prepping these coordinating costumes together can be a memorable and creative bonding experience, fostering imagination and teamwork.

So, whether you choose to lead the cheers, save the day, or rule a plush kingdom, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and create cherished memories. Get crafting, and let your imaginations run wild as you prepare for the costume contest of a lifetime!

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