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Fun and Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts

Fun and Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts

We love love. Don't you? And what better way to celebrate love than getting just a little something to let your loved ones know that you were thinking about them. It doesn't matter if it is just a friend, a significant other, your parents or your sibling, we found a few fun and affordable gift ideas for anyone you are looking to say "hey I was thinking about you" as Valentine's Day rolls around.

Photo frames with wood base and acrylic glass covers.

Photo Frames

Print out your favorite picture with your loved one and put it in this adorable photo frame. The perfect addition for their desk at work or their counter at home.

Three Valentine Day themed pink gnomes.

Chivilla Bay's Valentine's Day Gift Collection

Okay, but who wouldn't love these cute little guys? Seriously?

A personal picture turned into a 300 piece puzzle.

Personalized Puzzle

Pick out your favorite photo and turn it into a personalized puzzle. How cool is that?

A card game titled "Let's Get Naked"

Let's Get Naked

The more you win the more NAKED they get! Let’s Get Naked is a stripping card game and seriously how fun does that sound?

White coffee mug that reads "I like my coffee hot. Just like my wife."White mug that reads "I like my coffee hot. Just like my husband."

Coffee Mugs

Funny retro coffee mug for your wife of husband! Pair this funny coffee mug with flavored coffees, hot chocolate mixes, or candy and you have the best gift.

Tumbler with Valentine's Day themed gnomes on it.

Valentine's Day Gnome Skinny Tumbler

Just look at how cute that is! If you have a gnome loving special someone, this is the perfect gift. Pair it with some chocolates and you have a fabulous gift for mom, sister, aunt, or a bestie.

Green boxers with pickles on them that say, "You Tickle My Pickle" on them.


Okay, but how funny right? And these aren't the only ones we have. Check out our website for some more funny boxers to gift your significant other for a good laugh.

Pink pajama pants that have coffee cups on them and says "Life Happens, Coffee Helps" on them.

Lounge Pants

We all love a good pair of lounge pants and these are perfect for your coffee loving bestie!

Candies with fun x-rated messages written on them.

X-Rated Candy

Each piece of tart, fruit-flavored candy is printed with an X-Rated message. Perfect to gift to even just a friend for a good chuckle.

*all product photos pulled from Chivilla Bay or respective website.
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