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Gifts That Do Not Break The Bank

Gifts That Do Not Break The Bank

The holidays can be hard on the wallet. We have so many people to love on but our bank account can only stretch so far. You don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity, we get it. That's why we did some digging around to find some really great gifts (in our opinion) that won't break the bank this holiday season.


Four different shaped wine glasses.


Wine Glasses

Is there such a thing as too many wine glasses? No, the answer is and always will be no. We found these Hip Wine Glasses from Crate & Barrel and honestly, they are perfect for all your wine-loving friends. The best part? They are only $7 each!


Gold necklace that has "I am enough" hand stamped on it.


Hand Stamped Jewelry

You simply cannot go wrong with jewelry, especially when it has a little personal touch such as hand-stamped sayings. We have a wide variety of hand-stamped jewelry ranging anywhere from $25 to $30.  


Silicon straws in a variety of colors along with cleaning brushes and carry pouches.


Reusable Straws

Skip the plastic or paper straws and just get some reusable ones. This set of 12 silicone straws comes in cute colors along with four carrying pouches to bring them wherever you go! Best part? Only $13!


White shirt that says "I have two titles mom and grandma and I rock them both."


Graphic Tees

Who doesn't love a good tee? We have a wide variety of graphic tees at Chivilla Bay that can fit whomever you are looking for. They range around $25 and some you can even customize!


Date Night Ideas card game


Date Night Box

What better way to spice things up than with a date night box? We found this cute scratch-off card game that has fun date night ideas on them. For only $25 you can forget going to the same restaurant you always go to and try an idea out of this card game!


Skinny tumbler with white and green glitter background. Quote says tequila may not be the answer but it's worth a shot.


Funny Tumblers

Whether it sits on your desk at work with water in it or on the end table near the couch with your favorite cocktail everyone loves a good tumbler. We have a ton of different options to fit anyone you are looking to get a gift for.  For $28 you can't go wrong!


Cold brew coffee maker


Cold Brew Maker

Balling on a budget, remember? Help your coffee-loving friends skip the Starbucks run and get them their own cold brew coffee maker! For only $25 it is totally worth it.


Coffee mug with flowers that says I speak fluent sarcasm.

Coffee Mugs

Your friends got the new cold brew maker, so they are going to need some new coffee mugs to go with it! We have a huge selection of coffee mugs, you are bound to find something perfect for whoever. And for $15 a piece, you could get them two!


Gray microfiber hair towel


Microfiber Hair Turban

Better for your hair. Speeds up dry time. Keeps your hair out of your face while you do your makeup. Comes in a variety of colors and is only $18, speak no more.


Pink and brown slippers that say "but first coffee" with a coffee mug on them.



Everyone loves to be comfy and cozy. What better gift than a pair of cute and comfy slippers? We have so many different designs for anyone this holiday season! For only around $15 a pair you can get some for the whole family!

 *all product photos pulled from Chivilla Bay & Amazon
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