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Gnomes trending again in 2020

Gnomes trending again in 2020

Are garden gnomes treading again in 2020?

About two years ago I had made some gnomes from socks.  I think I must have made about 8 of them total.  I sold every single one of them that same year.  

Then in 2019, I thought to myself, Gnomes can't possible be popular again because they were popular back when I was a kid.  Image result for ceramic garden gnomes from the 80s (this picture is not mine but from an ebay auction.) 

Does anyone else remember these ceramic gnomes from back in the 80's?  I do, I think I even made a few with my mom.  I guess it's true that styles, fashions, colors, designs, etc. do repeat over the years.  Howver, since I had just sold some in 2018 how do you know when the trend is going back out? 

So not wanting to risk it I didn't make any in 2019 and lo and behold they were everywhere!  Every craft show, store, garden center, etc. had gnomes.  People were going crazy for them and I was missing out.  I guess you could say I was ahead of the trend but didn't realize it.  I missed out on the opportunity.  

I still haven't jumped on the bandwagon for making more gnome dolls for the 2020 season but my husband has incorporated some gnome designs into his garden landscape solar light posts.  

They really are cute and will look great on a patio, porch, backyard, garden or driveway.  We have then listed on the website now so you can visit for a bunch of different option.  One thing that is nice about his wooden landscape light posts is that the flag holder folds down for easier and more compact storage.  

These decorated posts will be traveling with us during our craft show circut to Sioux Falls, and Aberdeen, South Dakota; Minot and Fargo, North Dakota; and Little Falls, MN.  I will post our event schedule soon once I have confirmations back from all of the venues.  

If you have your heart set on a particular design you are going to want to let us know and put at least a deposit on it as we don't very often make two identical of anything.  So if you don't let us know we might not have it when we come to your area.  

Even if we aren't in an area close to you, we can always ship these products.  We try to ship in the most economical way. 

And if you happen to really want a gnome doll, I would be happy to custom make you one of your very own.  Who knows by the time the craft season rolls around I may have a bunch in my suitcase :)  

When you stop by the website, check out this cutie!  He was painted in acrylics on a slate tile measuring approximately 12 inches high by 9 inches wide.  

Whether or not Gnomes are the go to for you, I think you will see plenty of them in 2020.  

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