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How to Choose the Right Tumbler and Pilsner Mug to Match Your Style

How to Choose the Right Tumbler and Pilsner Mug to Match Your Style

Need help finding the suitable tumbler and pilsner mug that matches your style? Do you want a professional woodgrain mug for your office or a funny beer tumbler for your night out?

Deciding on what looks good on a tumbler mug is a significant challenge. On top of that, things get worse when your favorite design doesn't insulate the drink for longer.

In this guide, I'll tell you all about what to look for in a tumbler and pilsner mug. So, without any further ado, let's get right into it!

Mug Capacity:

When buying a tumbler and pilsner mug, the first thing you must consider is the capacity. How much liquid can the mug hold? Usually, it's there on the mug or somewhere on the packaging. But just knowing how many ounces it can hold isn't important.

If you get skinny tumblers that hold 8 ounces, that's the equivalent of about 2/3 of a soda can. A 12-ounce mug, on the other hand, can hold a whole can of soda. And the numbers keep going up as the capacity increases. Twenty-four ounces is about the capacity of 2 sodas. And the largest size, a 64-ounce mug, can hold up to 2 liters of liquids.

Knowing how much you need to carry on your person is crucial. You might think that just getting the largest size would be ideal. But a larger size means you require extra space. And if you're trying to control your consumption, getting the right size becomes even more critical.

Mug Material:

Besides the size of the beer tumblers, the type of material is also a major buying factor. There are two main materials that tumbler and pilsner mugs are made from aluminum and plastic.


Plastic is the second-best material. The main benefit of going plastic is that it's highly affordable. It is good for people who want a tumbler and pilsner mug and don't spend too much on it.

But there are other reasons to buy a plastic tumbler and pilsner mug too. These mugs are quite lightweight when empty. Hence, you can carry them in your bag and other things, and they won't feel heavy.

Additionally, plastic is more or less dishwasher safe. Almost all plastic tumbler and pilsner mugs can be easily cleaned, with a few exceptions.

The downside is that plastic can tend to leak some chemicals into your drink. It is bad since it will affect your health and release unwanted odors. Mugs containing BPA are especially susceptible to this.

Lid Style:

The next thing you should look for is the style of the lid. Your beer tumblers should be easy to drink from, and the lid should be spill-resistant. There are a few types of covers in this regard:

Snap-On:This style has a lid that must be set into place. It features a rubber gasket underneath the cover that creates a vacuum and snaps into place on the mug. Due to this, the Snap-On lid is spill-resistant.

Press-On:This type of lid must be pressed into the rim of the mug. It doesn't feature a rubber gasket, which means it's not spill-resistant. But it's easy to use and a lot simpler to close than a Snap-On lid.

Bottle Cap:Bottlecap lids must be screwed onto the bottle like a regular bottle cap. And as such, they feature rubber gaskets that create a vacuum and make the bottle spill-proof. However, these caps don't have any openings at the top to drink beer or coffee from.

Screw-On:Screw-on caps, as the name suggests, must be screwed on. These caps are mostly spill-resistant and feature a slide lock that holds the cap in place.

Thermos Cap:The thermos cap is a traditional lid that must be screwed onto the mug and has no opening for you to drink from.

Handled Cap:The handled cap is a lot less common. It looks like any ordinary mug lid but with a handle for easy removal.

Attached Cap:Finally, there's the attached cap. It usually screws onto the mug and is attached to the tumbler. This means you won't lose the cap.

Mug Styles:

Lastly, consider the style and look of the mug. You can get your pilsner glass personalized. Or you can choose from some common styles:

Iridescent:Iridescent tumbler and pilsner mugs have been in the limelight for quite some time. These mugs feature vibrant hues of blue and purple that change color as you rotate the cup.

Copper:Copper mugs bring a sense of elegance and grace to your tumbler. It looks much better than a regular stainless-steel mug. And it won't even cost too much.

Neon:The neon style uses bright solid colors that will give you a boost in the morning. These colors are good for people who want a simple mug in fashion.

Speckled:Speckled mugs are a bit flashier, but they look just as good as any other style. Moreover, speckled mugs completely change the look of your tumbler and lend some personality to your mug.

Marble:Although not very common, marble tumblers are extremely elegant and simplistic. No, they're not made from marble. But the exterior is designed to resemble that of marble. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including white and black.

Bling:Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could add some sparkly bling to your boring old tumbler? That's what the Bling style is all about.

It features heavy bedazzlement with rhinestones and other shiny ornaments. Some are very minimal, while others go all out.

Graphic:Graphic mugs make a completely different statement. They showcase more personality than any other type of tumbler and pilsner mug.

You can even get them customized. You can buy pilsner mugs themed after your favorite shows or quotes. Or you can choose funny beer tumblers. The choices are endless.

Gradient:A gradient tumbler and pilsner mug add a slight twist to solid colors. It takes two colors that go well together and gradually merge into one. Mugs that feature both light and dark hues are the trendiest. But you can opt for others too.

Woodgrain:Woodgrain pilsner mugs look much more polished and professional than any other mug. They're best for people who want a traditional look.


Buying a suitable tumbler and pilsner mug is never easy. You're always balancing quality with style. And often, you end up with a low-quality product.

To recap, there are many things you should look for in a tumbler mug. The first and foremost is capacity. But the type of material and style matters too. So whether you want professional mugs for your office or funny coffee mugs for friends, always prioritize quality.

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