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How To Order Custom T-Shirts With Chivilla Bay

How To Order Custom T-Shirts With Chivilla Bay

So, you want to order a custom shirt. You’ve taken your first step in the right direction! We are here to help you through the process, but here is some information to get you started.

What We Need To Know

To order a custom shirt, send us an email! Make sure to include as much of the following information as you can. Also, make sure to include your phone number and email so we can contact you while we are designing your new favorite shirt. 

Who Is This Shirt For?

We love to get to know our customers–let us know who this custom gift is being designed for! Please tell us the name of the recipient (or if it is for yourself, #selfcare).

Select A Style

The first selection you need to make is the style–comfort is king! V-neck, Long sleeve, short sleeve, crewneck, hooded sweatshirt, or something else? Whatever you pick will be a beautiful canvas for this one-of-a-kind design.

Choose A Color 

Second, you pick the color. Make it a favorite! The color is extremely important as this dictates the colors in the design. If you are going for a dark design, we recommend a lighter colored shirt. Lighter design, pick a darker color!

Fabric Type

Don’t forget, the fabric of your shirt can help make this your new favorite clothing item. Choose from cotton, cotton blend, or polyester. The fabric you choose also helps us determine what printing style helps your design adhere the best!

Design Your Shirt (Or We Can Help)

Time for teamwork! Let us know if there are certain elements you are looking for. Pictures, graphics, illustrations? Is there something you need this shirt to say? Make sure we are on the same page with your dream design and we can help make it a reality.

If you don’t quite have a design in mind, don’t panic. We can guide you through the design process by asking a few questions and presenting a few design ideas. Together, we can come up with the perfect shirt. 

What You Need To Know


After you approve the final design, we get started on the printing. Based on the fabric you chose, we go in with one of two printing methods. 

  1. Direct-To-Garment – is the process of printing directly onto the t-shirt. This is best for cotton and cotton blend garments, but improvements have been made over the years so polyesters can use this process, as well.
  2. Sublimation – is the process of using heat to transfer the inks into polyester fabrics. This works well on high polyester fabrics. The drawback to sublimation is that it cannot print white. Any white space in the design will simply be the color of the shirt.


Once printed and pressed, a final inspection is performed to make sure you are receiving a high-quality product.

Pickup And Shipping

Come and get it! Once this inspection is completed the shirt is ready for you to pick up.

If you have selected to have the shirt shipped to you, this is when transit will begin!

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