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The Big One Craft Show in Crookston

The Big One Craft Show in Crookston

This past weekend I took our lovely handcrafted items to Crookston, MN to a craft show hosted by The Big One.  This was the first time they have hosted this event in Crookston.  The feedback from the customers were that they were in awe of how many vendors showed up for this first time event.  They were very pleased with the show.  There was a decent flow of customers throughout the two days and hopefully that will continue to grow over the years.  Here are the pictures of our booth from the morning of day two.  I forgot to take pictures on the first day as my usual co-pilot didn't go with me as he was busy with combining. 

Crookston Craft Show

I was lucky enough to find a stand-in though as my good friend Denise took a day off of work to travel with me.  

Crookston Craft Show booth

I am very thankful to our old and new customers that stopped by and shopped with us this weekend!  We look forward to seeing you again!

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