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Wow! Thank You for Supporting Our Small Business!

Wow! Thank You for Supporting Our Small Business!

Wow!  Just Wow!  Thank you all so much for your love and support during one of the most challenging years ever!!  

I'm pretty sure that I haven't met one single person who has a positive thing to say about 2020 except that you had to have a PLAN B for everything!!!  

Bruce and I took a big chance this fall and opened up a pop up store in our local mall.  We really didn't have very high expectations with COVID and retail shopping declining but we had only had 1 craft show in 2020 and that wasn't a very good one.  Not anyone's fault.  It just was what it was - 2020.  We had our basement and shop full of product and no where to sell them except online.  You know how hard it is to reach people in the wonderful world of the internet?  Extremely hard.  

So, we took the plunge and tried the pop up store.  Not only did the local community support us, they supported 12 other folks that were connected to our shop.  Some of them worked for me listing product, providing marketing guideance, cutting wood, and design work.  Some of them shared their talents by bringing products into the store on consignment.  And there were still more that benefited by the support - other small businesses that we purchased supplies from, the mall staff and the state of SD.  

When you shop a small business you support many more people than just the shop owners.  Look at the impact your support had on the people I listed above.  They too had been affected by the lack of opportunity to sell their wares or their areas of specialty.  

Still think you can't make a difference?  You totally did to us and those other 12 folks listed above and for that we are forever thankful!  

In a year that was full of obstacles and hardships for all, we are so truly blessed by your kindness.  

Thank you from all of us:

Bruce and Rhonda, Rebecca, Julie, Meagan, Kathy, Kari, Becky, Angie, Dawn, Barb, Marcy, Leslie, Jessica and Denise.



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