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Bobby Babinski's Bathtub by Judy Young and illustrated by Kevin M. Barry. Hardcover childrens book.

Childrens Book: Bobby Babinski's Bathtub by Judy Young, Illstd by Kevin M. Barry

SKU: 9781534110328

When little Bobby Babinski is reluctant to get into his tub at bath time, his father gets to work to make the event more fun. Cutting a hole in the roof of the house, Papa Babinski constructs a massive slippy slide for Bobby to use. And while doing loopity-loops and glippety-glides is great fun, it's still not enough for Bobby. In order to satisfy the ever-increasing whims of his son, Papa Babinski goes to extreme lengths, including adding a few aquatic critters. Will Bobby ever be satisfied? Will he ever get clean? Comedic over-the-top artwork brings to life every child's dream of the perfect bath time.

Written by Judy Young and illustrated by Kevin M. Barry.

  • Interest Level: Kindergarten - Grade 2
  • Reading Level: Grade 2
  • Full Color Illustrations
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 9 x 11
  • Publication date: 8/15/2020