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Eek and Boo Halloween Witch Gnomes from Delton Corporation
Orange Hat Halloween Witch Gnome holding "EEK" letters
Purple Hat Halloween Witch Gnome with pumpkin carved with "Boo" on it.

Eek or Boo Halloween Witch Gnomes

SKU: 2188-6

Put a festive spell on your decor with these magical Eek or Boo Halloween Witch Gnomes! Whether you choose Eek in an orange hat or Boo in a purple hat, these mischievous gnomes will bring a spooktacular twist to your holiday display. *cackles*

Fun little gnomes for the fall and halloween season. Put them on a window sill, tired tray, on a coffee table or book shelf. They are sure to bring a smile! Measuring 3.4 inches x 5.3 inches and made from resin. Choose from 2 different styles - Eek or Boo.