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JB A Place to Call Home by Jessica Berg

Grace McIntyre is tired of running from the trauma of her past. Hoping to dispel the phantoms that plague her, she purchases an old Victorian farmhouse in the middle of the Kansas prairie and enlists the help of a local carpenter to help rid her of her nightmares and create a new present. Little does she know, her past has already caught up with her and will stalk her to the edge of disaster.Dominick Carson only wants to repair the dilapidated Victorian house and move on to his next project, but the woman who hired him is threatening to demolish the walls he has built around his heart. In his fight to destroy past demons, Grace is the only one who can save him, but Dominick knows she’ll flee from him the moment she discovers what he has done. When their pasts come calling, will they have the strength to overcome it and survive?A Place to Call Home comes back for a second edition, with more action and extended ending. Enjoy Grace's and Dominick's adventures in love and mystery.