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Childrens Book: Where's My Cow?

SKU: 9781534111073

Egret and Cow are best friends, but Egret is afraid of losing his way if he flies away with the rest of the flock to explore. Can he find his way back to Cow? And what schemes can they come up with to be sure he does find his way home? This is a great story for kids facing new-experience jitters!

In a pasture near the sea, a flock of egrets lives in peaceful companionship with a herd of cows. Each day the flock flies out to explore the nearby marsh and seashore. Well, the flock minus one. One young egret always stays behind, longing to go but afraid to venture out. He fears to leave his dear friend Cow. Egret imagines the worst. What if I get lost and can't find Cow again? But Cow is worldly; she's been places and knows there are wonderful sights to be seen and enjoyed. She is determined that her feathered friend will visit the seashore like the others. So together bird and bovine scheme up ways to make sure Egret gets safely back to Cow. But what happens if every egret looks like Egret and every cow looks like Cow? This warm and witty story about adventure and friendship is the perfect book for any young reader facing separation anxiety or new-experience jitters.

Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 1
Number of Pages 40
Dimensions 9 x 11