10 Funny White Elephant Gifts for 2022

10 Funny White Elephant Gifts for 2022

Who doesn't love the holidays? Food, time with friends and family, a little time away from the office, and the exchanging of gifts! For some, giving that perfect gift to those you love most is the highlight of the season. For others, it's a last-minute thought and a quick trip to the closest store to find something.

Regardless of which gift-giver you are, you are bound to compete in the famous "White Elephant" gift exchange game at some point during the upcoming holiday season. Never heard of the White Elephant game? No worries, it's pretty simple.

Everyone at the party wraps a gift and places them in an anonymous pile. Your group decides the order of how people will pick gifts for the entirety of the game with the first person randomly picking a gift from the pile to unwrap. After the first gift is unwrapped the process continues through all the guests and they can either unwrap a gift from the pile and be in for a sweet surprise or steal an already unwrapped gift from someone else. By the end, you either have a gift that gave the room a good laugh, something small and practical, or something a little more meaningful.

We want to help you find that perfect white elephant gift for your holiday parties this year so here is a list, in no particular order, of ten ideas under $30 that gave us a laugh as we were searching for the best (in our opinion) for 2022.


Three travel size Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray bottles.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

This little bottle of perfection lets you feel confident about taking a number two no matter where you are. Seriously, the best incognito way to do your business, ANYWHERE.

Multicolored 20oz skinny tumbler with "Drink Responsibly, Don't Spill" on the front of the tumbler.

"Drink Responsibly Don't Spill" 20oz Skinny Tumbler (Chivilla Bay)

It is nearing the holiday season and do you know what that means? Drink Responsibly... AKA Don't Spill! And we have the perfect gift to remind you of just that.

The brown and blue cover over the cookbook "What the f-word should I make for dinner?"

"What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?" Cookbook

No one told us the biggest challenge about being an adult was figuring out what to eat every day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Well, what better way to help with that everyday problem than a cookbook?

Whether they get worn as boxers by your man or pajama shorts by your closest girlfriend, we all know someone that NEEDS these.

A pink silicone bath wine holder.

Silicone Wine Glass Holder

Love baths? Love wine? Love taking baths with a glass of wine? This. This right here is what you need.

A white coffee mug with the Grumpy Cat wearing a Santa hat wrapped with Christmas light with the words "Is this jolly enough?" printed on it.

"Is this Jolly Enough?" Crabby Cat Coffee Mug (Chivilla Bay)

Whether you need a gift for a cat lover or a friend that you know isn't big on Christmas, this is the PERFECT gift for them.

Gray and white socks that have "If you can read this bring me some wine" written on the bottom of them.
Wine Socks

"If you can read this, bring me some wine & buy these socks!" Perfect for any of your wine-loving friends or even to subtly tell your hubby to bring you the wine while you are relaxing after a long day at work!

A white tumbler that has a bucket of beers printed on it with the saying "working on my bucket list" on it.

"Working on My Bucket List" 20oz Pilsner White Tumbler (Chivilla Bay)

We all got a bucket list a mile long, might as well show people you are working on one of your items.

A wine stopper with a picture of Jesus wearing a shirt that says "Birthday Boy" on it while he wears a birthday hat and holds a balloon.

"Happy Birthday Jesus" Wine Stopper

What more do you need to properly celebrate Jesus' birthday? 

A mug with a tired woman on it with the saying about a parent needing new kids on it.

"Funny Good Parent need Different Kids" Coffee Mug (Chivilla Bay)

"I want to be a good parent...I just feel like I'm going to need some different KIDS to work with." Don't worry, we feel it too hunny. This is a funny gift for all the exhausted moms out there.

 *all product photos pulled from Chivilla Bay & Amazon

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