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10 Funny White Elephant Gifts

10 Funny White Elephant Gifts

10 Funny White Elephant Gifts

The holiday season is a time of joy and merriment, filled with laughter and delightful traditions. One of the most popular activities is the famous "White Elephant" gift exchange. Family and friends gather around to share both laughter and surprises.

The anticipation builds as each participant carefully selects and wraps their gifts. Snickering and laughing and the thought of who might be getting their carefully selected funny gag gift. Secretly hoping that this year's gift will be the chosen gift that the group fights over, like a prized trophy.

The White Elephant gift exchange begins with a flurry of excitement, as each person takes a turn. Selecting from the wrapped gifts or stealing from another player. The room echoes with laughter and playful banter, as coveted items change hands and unexpected treasures are unveiled.

It's a lighthearted game of chance. The ultimate goal is not to claim the most valuable gift. But rather to enjoy the laughter, sharing, and the fun of the holiday spirit.

How it works:

There are a few different ways to play the white elephant game. We will cover how we play it. But feel free to modify the rules to fit your group.

First, we decide how much each person can spend on the "White Elephant" gift. This can be $5, $10, $15, etc. Make sure that everyone can afford whichever amount you choose. It isn't about who spends the most or who has the best gift. It's about quality time with friends, family or co-workers.

Some families like to set rules on what types of gifts to buy, such as repurposed, handmade, regifted, etc. In our family, we have a limit of $30 and they can purchase whatever they would like. We've had some pretty interesting and creative gifts over the years.

Make sure to set the date and time for your gift exchange party. Allow enough time for all of your party guests to shop for fun and unique gifts. Each party guest will wrap their gift beforehand. Make sure they do not tag their gift.

Everyone participating in the gift exchanges places their gift in an anonymous pile. Hopefully, while no one is around so people aren't watching gift wrapping, bag colors, and package shapes.

Your group decides the order of how people will pick gifts.

Some groups use card games to select who goes first. If we have a standard deck of cards lying around, we have everyone pick a card. Ace is either 1, etc. You can either go from low to high card or high to low.

Once you have decided the order, the first person randomly picks a gift from the pile to unwrap. The 2nd person has the choice to either steal a gift or pick an unwrapped gift from the pile.

If person 2 takes a gift from person 1, person 1 can choose a new unwrapped gift from the pile. Person 1 opens that gift. Continue swapping and stealing until all the guests have had a chance to steal or open unwrapped presents.

The toughest decision is whether you want to steal an already unwrapped gift. Or whether you want to chance opening an unwrapped gift. When someone takes your gift, you can either take someone else's gift or open a new one.

We have a white elephant rule that you cannot steal the gift more than once in the round. It's up to you if you want to limit the steals in a round or not.

By the end of the white elephant party, every participant will have a gift. Some may have received gag gifts or impractical gifts. Others may get something small and practical. And a few may even get something a little more meaningful.

Each year the gifts get better and better! Someone in your group should make sure to keep track of the elephant gift exchange rules. Make sure to take notes on how you want to improve on the game for the next year.

Also, discuss limits on gift amounts for the next year. There's always one person in the group who plans to buy gifts for secret Santa and white elephant exchanges in January.

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Now that we have talked about how to play the game, let's talk about some fun and unique gift ideas. Who will be at your white white elephant gift exchanges? Is it mostly men, women, or a mix? Is it a family party or co-worker event?

Picture one of the people in the group and find something that he/she would find funny, inspirational, or practical. I find this helps a lot in trying to find a gift. Sometimes, I also purchase something that I would like, hoping that someone in the group would share my taste.

My family tends to lean toward funny, sarcastic and comical gift ideas. They prefer the white elephant gift exchange versus giving traditional gifts. They say that it takes the pressure off of buying someone what they don't want or need.

Here is a list of ten white elephant gift ideas under $30. We got a chuckle out of these:

Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

This little bottle of perfection lets you feel confident about taking a number two no matter where you are. Seriously, the best incognito way to do your business, ANYWHERE.

Drink Responsibly Don't Spill 20 oz skinny stainless steel tumbler

"Drink Responsibly Don't Spill" 20 oz Skinny Tumbler (Chivilla Bay)

It is nearing the holiday season and do you know what that means? Drink Responsibly... AKA Don't Spill! And we have the perfect gift to remind you of just that. You can also include one of those little bottles of spirits as a package tag.

What the fork should I make for dinner cookbook

"What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?" Cookbook

No one told us the biggest challenge about being an adult was figuring out what to eat every day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Well, what better way to help with that everyday problem than a cookbook?

Beware of Natural Gas Unisex Boxers

"Beware of Natural Gas Men's Boxers"(Chivilla Bay)

Whether they get worn as boxers by your man or pajama shorts by your closest girlfriend, we all know someone that NEEDS these.

Silicone Wine Glass Holder

Silicone Wine Glass Holder

Love baths? Love wine? Love taking baths with a glass of wine? This. This right here is what you need.

Is this Jolly Enough Funny Coffee Mug

"Is this Jolly Enough?" Crabby Cat Coffee Mug(Chivilla Bay)

Whether you need a gift for a cat lover or a friend that you know isn't big on Christmas, this is the PERFECT gift for them.

Wine Socks

Wine Socks

"If you can read this, bring me some wine & buy these socks!" Perfect for any of your wine-loving friends or even to subtly tell your hubby to bring you the wine while you are relaxing after a long day at work!

Working on my Bucket List Pilsner Beer Tumbler

"Working on My Bucket List" 20 oz Pilsner White Tumbler(Chivilla Bay)

We all got a bucket list a mile long, might as well show people you are working on one of your items.

Happy Birthday Jesus Wine Stopper

"Happy Birthday Jesus" Wine Stopper

What more do you need to properly celebrate Jesus' birthday?

Trying to be a good parent, just need better kids to work with coffee mug

"Funny Good Parent need Different Kids" Coffee Mug(Chivilla Bay)

"I want to be a good parent...I just feel like I'm going to need some different KIDS to work with." Don't worry, we feel it is too hunny. This is a funny gift for all the exhausted moms out there.

There are so many wonderful white elephant gifts out there. These were just some fun examples to get your juices flowing.

What’s the funniest White Elephant gift you’ve either given or received? Bonus points for pictures!

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