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Chivilla Bay's Fall Figurines and Home Decor Accent Collection

Fall Figurines and Home Decor

Chivilla Bay's Fall Collection: Gnomes, Magic, and Mirth!

Fall has arrived, and so have the gnomes! They've tumbled into Chivilla Bay, spreading magic, mischief, and all things autumn.

From fabric gnomes that'll cozy up any room to gnome figurines dressed in delightful fall colors, these little pals are everywhere! Need an easy way to spice up your fall decorating? Trust the gnomes to bring cheer to every nook and cranny.

But wait, there's more to explore in our enchanted Fall Collection! Snuggle up with our seasonal t-shirts and kitchen towels, wave hello to the neighbors with our mystical garden flags, and drape your mantle with our festive garlands.

Thirsty for a good laugh? Sip from our sassy tumblers, perfect for evenings with friends, and discover figurines, charms, and more that echo the season's fun and fright.

Whether it's a pocket token charm to carry autumn's magic with you or a tumbler to toast the harvest moon, there's a sprinkle of snark and a dash of wonder waiting for you.

Need help finding that perfect piece online? We're all ears and full of laughs. Browse away, and let's make this Fall season one for the books!

Chivilla Bay's Fall Figurines and Home Decor Accent Collection

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Fall Figurines and Home Decor

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