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Halloween Warlock Gnome with 3 stacked pumpkins light up figurine
Purple Warlock Gnome with 3 stacked jack-o-lanterns by his side. LED lights light up the pumpkins and his hat.

Halloween Warlock Gnome with Pumpkin Stack LED Figurine

SKU: 2177-3

Gnomes come in all shapes and sizes ... but there's none quite like this Warlock of Halloween! This purple-clad gnome is illuminated with a stack of pumpkins, casting a magical glow on your abode - guaranteed to give you a thrill. Spooky season, a-coming!

This cute gnome comes with 3 fun pumpkins that light up with LED lighting. He measures 5.3 x 7 inches and is made from resin. Great addition to holiday decor!